Advanced Replication

Advanced Replication

Stable, Efficient, Cost-effective, Data Replication Service (DRS) helps you migrate databases online and synchronize data in real time.



Data Replication Service

Data loss is a major issue for business and majority of business organizations who have reported data loss have never survived beyond six to eight months. An application which has crashed can be rebuilt as it is matter of downtime, but Data loss is fatal as the affected system cannot be brought back to the original state where it can be used. Recreating the lost data is not an easy task either. Data loss can typically occur from a hardware failure, an application glitch or human error.

ASPGulf offers Data Protection Service where Customer’s valuable information is replicated through an automated process by agents in real time. At any point of time Customer can restore or recover the data from ASPGulf’s centralized storage to their onsite with few simple clicks. The data is backed up encrypted which also address any data leakage in the process.

Data Replication
  • Protecting data using advanced replication technology
  • Central Storage
  • High Availability
  • Scalable on the go expansion
  • Security and Compliance

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