Mitigate risks to prevent cyber incident response

IT risk assessment is the process of identifying security risks and assessing the threat they pose.

Incident Response

Identifies an incidents to handle a cyber-attack & data breach and provides a structured approach to re-mediate the incidents, prepare to respond on security incidents, and business recovery.

Threat Identification

Cyber Incident Response
Threat Identification

Identifies the risks that can pose a probable threat and determines the loss from an incident, after performing a risk assessment there may be a considerable number of probable threats including network intrusions, data theft, or other incidents. The goal is to manage risks, so that the problems resulting from them will be minimized, and advise cost-effective measures of protection to eliminate the threat.

Limiting Action

Cyber Incident Response
Limiting Action

Adequately handle the incident preservation and containment to limit the action from further spreading. Other actions include: initial recovery, evidence analysis provide a more accurate understanding of the incident, forensic analysis and investigation; remediation restricts the nature of the cyber intrusions; and the ultimate goal is to handle the situation so that it limits the damage to the business operations while reducing recovery time and costs.

Potential Impact

Cyber Incident Response
Potential Impact

Identify the potential sources of harm to information assets and evaluate the impact and consequences associated with the action, considering the scenarios. Ascertain any serious implications in the event of a cyber-security incident, compromising the critical assets, determine the location, and record important details about their level of criticality and finally advice for the responsibilities for protecting these assets.

Incident Management

Cyber Incident Response
Incident Management

Identify, analyze, and determine the organization’s response to security incidents to prevent and respond to an incident that will limit the damage, restore the normal service as quickly as possible and to minimize the impact on business operations. This ensures that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained and the development of a predictable response to damaging events, to protect computer assets, networks, and critical information systems to prevent future recurrence.

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