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Hosted Microsoft Dynamics

Make the appropriate choice! Optimize and harmonize your business processes by opting for the Hosted Microsoft Dynamics on Cloud from a preferred service provider within the Middle East region.

ASPGulf a pioneer-operating since year 2000 – in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model is one of the most trusted and preferred hosting partner for Microsoft. With the Hosted Cloud model, subscribers to the Service leverage the advantages of both worlds including: ease of application deployment, quick go to market, zero CapEx investment, cost-effective and predictable recurring fees, secure hosting environment, and data is hosted nearby thus satisfying data sovereignty.

Moreover, for large organization and enterprises, ASPGulf also provisions shared or dedicated infrastructure (as production or DR site) that are customized, virtualized, and highly available to compliment the hosted cloud model, maximize value, and to meet the diverse hosting & managed service need of subscribers.

The Hosted Cloud model is here to stay. Leverage its benefits to gain advantage over your competition.

Trusted and Preferred Hosting Partner

Data Sovereignty

Service Leverage

Zero CapEx Investment

Why ASPGulf?

Pioneer in the region as SaaS & Managed Service Provider with over 15 years Middle East local market experience.

One-Stop-Shop service provider for your outsourced information systems and on premise IT systems, whether these are production or DRsites; physical or virtual servers; shared or dedicated infrastructure; and SPLA or perpetual licenses.

Complete ERP & CRM solutions that are customizable to fit your financial information needs and operating budget, scalable as business information grows and cost-effective and predictable recurring fees.

Established partnership and teaming relations with most Microsoft Dynamics partners within the Middle East region.