Windows Web Hosting UAE

Windows Web Hosting UAE

Web Hosting on Plesk and Windows Server, the fastest and most reliable Windows Web Hosting Server in the UAE.

Windows Hosting

Looking for a safe, trusted windows server for your website? Trust your site to the UAE's #1 web host.

ASPGulf Windows Web Hosting operates on Plesk, the leading Web Hosting Control Panel for Windows and includes over 100 Apps to get you started immediately. Backed by our 24/7 expert assistance.

Colocation Hosting Services
Windows System Performance
Windows System Performance

The Windows features you understand-- ASP.NET, ASP, Internet Core, and SQL Server-- are best when coupled with our Windows Hosting service. With Windows Server 2019 and IIS 10, our server runs fast and meets the DEVS requirements.

Windows Server Security
Windows Server Security

We provide highest level of security to rescue. Our security experts are on the job 24/7 to keep an eye on suspicious activities and attacks.

Why Windows Server Hosting?
Why Windows Server Hosting?

Hosting is required to get your website online, so select any ASPGulf Windows hosting plan with your domain and after that publish your content online. Our core services include unlimited storage and bandwidth, resource upgrades and 24/7 security monitoring.

Windows Hosting Apps

Various apps available with Plesk on Windows Hosting Server

App Windows Server
App Python
App Plesk

Plesk for Windows Hosting

ASPGulf Windows Web Hosting UAE works on Plesk-- the leading Control Panel for Windows. And we include a lot of totally free additions for your site and also applications.

Plesk Platform

Plesk is the leading WebOps holding system to run, automate as well as expand applications, websites and also organize businesses. Being the only OS agnostic system, Plesk is working on more than 384,000 web servers, automating 11M+ internet sites as well as 15M+ mail boxes.

Advanced Security

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security is a monitoring snap-in for the Windows Firewall where you can regulate in an extremely in-depth means, all the policies and also exceptions that govern just how the Windows Firewall works.

Free Applications

Set up over 100 applications on your website with just one click

Windows Hosting FAQs


What is Windows Hosting?

Windows Hosting utilizes equipment running the Microsoft Windows Server operating system. It may be your best bet if you're already knowledgeable about Windows on computer and also would certainly like to stick to what you recognize.

Followers of Windows Hosting will certainly tell you it is just one of the easier web hosting items to utilize, less made complex when it involves including features to broaden your site. Windows Hosting is additionally backed by Microsoft, which frequently supplies updates to maintain your holding safe and secure as well as free of pests.

On the more technical side, Windows server hosting is the only hardware capable of running the Visual Basic or.NET programming languages. It's likewise your ideal choice for scripting Active Server Pages (. ASP).


What are the biggest differences between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting?


Should I used Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting for my online website?


Where can I host my ASP.NET website?

Windows Hosting Plan Features

Windows Hosting Features Explained *

Key Features Email Features Database Features Programming Account Resources Our Guarantees
Host WebsitePOP3/SMTP/IMAPMariaDB 10.5.xPHP 5.6,7.3,7.4,8.0CPU Core 30 Day Money Back
Windows Server 2019Webmail AccessMariaDB DB with phpMyAdminClassic ASPRAM99.95% Uptime
Plesk Obsidian 18.xAutorespondersMSSQL 2019 3.5, 4.8, 6.0Concurrent connections (EP) Cancel Anytime
One Click Script InstallationMailing ListsConnect DB with SQL Management Studio.NET Core 2.x, 3.x, 5.xNumber of processes (nPROC) 24/7/365 Support
Email AccountsEmail ForwardersMySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.30MVC 4 and 5IO Limit 
SQL DatabasesCatch All Emailcell3_2ASP.NET AJAX File (Inode) Limit  
SubdomainsJunk Mail Filters ImageMagick  
Parked DomainsAnti Spam GD  
Website BackupEmail Sends Per Hour Perl  
 Attachment Limit Curl  
 Website Statistics Cloudflare  
 Email Forwarders    
 Email Autoresponders    
 Attachment Limit    

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Customer Review

Bhupesh Mehta
Excellent company to work and as a client
Ahmed Zubair
A professional company with skillful and dedicated support staff. You can always rely upon them to get the job done.
Meliha Herenda
I am very satisfied with level of proficiency received by ASP Gulf, regarding support they have been giving to our company for the previous 14 years. Their engineers are able to cover wide variety of different and complex IT tasks, starting from building VM infrastructure, configuring network switches (including accessing rules), high level of security, to cloud hosting and backup solutions. I highly recommend ASP Gulf as hosting partner.
Joseph Xavier
I will always recommend ASP Gulf, never had a downtime, very good support, never ever thought of moving out from them, but they are bit expensive, but when you look at the support, it's worth paying that money.
gladwin bernard
Very good and fast in a service. Friendly approach. As a Customer for more then 7 years and continuing. Never face any trouble.
oujith bhaskaran
We have been working with them for the past 10 years. Very professional, reliable and dedicated.
Harish Krishnan
An organization that Thinks like a Customer; consistently delivering exceptional service for over 18 years...proud to be associated with !

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