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Shared Hosting

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Shared Hosting

ASPGulf offers shared hosting services to address the requirements for small and medium size organizations whose volume of operation do not justify a dedicated hosted environment for application deployment. A classic example for this service can be a company website which does not require dedicated infrastructure server as it serves as a marketing tool or represents the organizations online presence and which is not mission critical.

Also this service can be utilized for rolling our web based business initiatives which are not that significant or not sure on the success factor to support a huge initial investment. ASPGulf maintains industry standards even on shared environment by physically separating application/presentation layer (Tier1/2) from backend database layer (Tier 3). A shared hosting with a backend database component will have the database running on a separate backend server from that of the web server thus adding an additional layer of security to the hosted application or website against any forced access or compromises that might deface the hosted application.

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Why Shared Hosting with ASPGulf

Our shared services are built on robust and redundant infrastructure with proactive load monitoring for optimal performance and service delivery. ASPGulf offers standard web hosting plans in addition to customizable shared application hosting plans to suit unique Client requirements.

Why Your Shared Hosting Server in ASPGulf data center?

Focus on your core competencies without having to worry about the security or maintenance of your IT infrastructure. Let ASPGulf manage your business’s web presence and your web hosting needs.

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With over 2 decades of real operational IT experience, ASPGulf is one of the oldest, most reliable and a trusted local managed shared hosting service provider in the UAE/Middle East.


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Latency can be troublesome for enterprises that make a transition of cloud seeking agility and efficiency. With AZZURANCE, you get access to state-of-the-art data centers that have plenty of capacity and an efficient network to run your applications without any disruption.


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