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Digital Forensics

Our digital forensics team analyze the security breaches to identify the root cause, minimize the chance of re-occurrence and document the response handling procedure to provide thorough evidence and report of the incidents.

Data Collection Forensic Services

Data Collection

In case of security breaches, information theft, industrial espionage, employment disputes, fraud and regulatory compliance, the bit-by-bit acquisition of the data using standard methods that satisfy evidentiary requirements relating to chain-of-custody and authentication to reach the conclusion.

Data Recovery Digital Forensic Services

Data Recovery

Forensic recovery is the next evolution of data recovery. It goes beyond restoring from backups and other standard methods to bring files thought to be dead back from the digital graveyard, this approach add another layer of reliability to the backup and helps in finding the trends and breaches, recover data that has been accidentally deleted, intentionally erased, or damaged through corruption in the world of disaster recovery.

Data Preservation Digital Forensic Services

Data Preservation

The obligation is to make sure that all electronic information that is relevant is protected from deletion, ensuring the data retention and protection from destruction using forensically sound processes moreover the evidence is not changed, including electronic metadata that could help to identify how hackers or malware penetrated the systems or the network. If there is a reasonable expectation of future litigation to advise adequate preservation instructions to the organization and to ensure there is a well-documented process to protect the data.

Data Analysis Digital Forensic Services

Data Analysis

Examine the data for incidents to discover and analyze patterns of fraudulent activities, enables the identification of meaningful patterns and correlations to predict future events and reasons for threats. Such insightful predictive information is generally “invisible,” but provides a platform on which organizations can take business decisions related to fraud, disputes, and misconduct and notices what was not expected to be seen.