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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comprise to make changes in data processing policies and to have a robust compliance regime in place which offers an opportunity to enhance conformity to demonstrate customers that their data is safe.

The GDPR is the overall regulation on the protection and handling of personal data for the European Union or processes personal data from individuals in the EU including offering services or goods and having a business office in EU, non-compliant can be fined up to 4% of global turnover, we provide data protection for GDPR compliance services.

  • The GDPR applies to all EU member states, and replaces Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC.
  • The personal data is kept secure.
  • Holds an organization accountable for data security.
  • Large fines to be levied for non-compliance.
Applicable to IT Security
  • Adopt a risk-based approach to set up measures to protect personal data.
  • Documentation to prove compliance.
  • No prescription of technology in GDPR to secure data.
  • Higher risk mandates more effort for security.
  • Consult ASPGulf Data Protection Services.
Today’s Situation
  • Article 32 requires technical measures to protect data.
    Example: A non-EU retailer processes the data of many thousands of EU data subjects is expected to implement stronger measures to protect its data than would a retailer processing data for only a handful of data subjects.
  • A risk is to be evaluated by an organization and need to investigate a situation to implement.
What we do
  • Implement network controls & monitors to reduce an organization’s data security risks.
  • Tighten the access, security procedures, and network paths.
  • Devise an integrated solution to reduce its systemic risk.
  • Visualize and document all firewall rule-sets and optimize the network traffic.
  • Scan for assets and to resolve network vulnerabilities.
  • Compliance with GDPR – NCSC.

As a result the company may reduce its overall network risk profile and improved its continuous documented verifiable compliance and may decrease the chances of a data security breach.

Firewall and Device Monitoring

Firewalls are the gateway into large and complex networks which makes it difficult to manage, and protect from unauthorized access & malicious attacks. To remain secure and well managed, takes a great deal of efforts in the form of process, procedures, testing, reviews, audit, and other best practices. Managed Firewall Service is the best option to free up internal resources and to reduce the overhead by leveraging our tailored solution for client’s changing business requirements and make the IT systems secure.

Example: A large-scale business services provider delivers business process outsourcing to more than 20-top tier companies and government agencies in the UK. It was using resource consuming manual management processes to achieve compliance, including network security, data security, vulnerability management, access control, security monitoring and information security best practices.

The company’s increasing network complexity was making the cost of compliance unsustainable, and the company was not able to prove its firewalls were compliant.

Implementing Security Technology for Compliance with the GDPR

  • Don’t wait start now.
  • Establish a track record of compliance.
  • Document the reviews of technology.
  • Institute a constant ever-improving process of analyzing the risks.
  • Adopt a routine for maintaining the considerable documentation.
  • Appoint a data protection practitioner to become familiar with the procedures.
  • Take steps to Cyber Security towards achieving compliance.


Implementing Security Technology for GDPR Compliance Services

Risk Management Regime
  • An appropriate risk management system supported by the board and senior management.
  • Communicate risk management with policies and practices with all employees, contractors and suppliers.
Secure Configuration
  • Ensuring configuration management to improve the security of systems.
  • Remove or disable unnecessary functionality from systems.
  • Quickly fix known vulnerabilities and patching.
Network Security
  • Secure networks from exposing systems to attacks.
  • Implementing policies and architecture to reduce the attacks.
  • Think where the data is stored, processed and an attacker’s opportunity to interfere.
Managing Users Privileges
  • Users reasonable level of privileges and rights.
  • Highly elevated system privileges should be controlled and managed.
  • Rely on ‘least privilege’ principle.
GDPR Compliance Services - Risk Management Regime
Malware Prevention
  • Developing and implementing anti-malware policies as defense in depth approach.
  • Advance threat protection and mitigation.
  • System monitoring to detect attacks on systems and services.
  • Good monitoring to effectively respond to attacks.
  • Ensure that systems are being used in accordance with organizational policies.
  • Monitoring is a key to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.
Removable Media Controls
  • Route for malware and deliberate export of sensitive data.
  • Must apply appropriate security controls.
Home and Mobile Workers
  • Establish risk based policies and procedures for mobile working or remote access to users and service providers.
  • Implementing secure connectivity and protection for communication.
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