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With rapid technology advancements and access to high speed internet, many small to medium sized organizations are being more receptive to Desktop as a Service. With gradual adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model by companies worldwide, relevance to Desktop as a Service is gathering great momentum. ASPGulf is not new to the DaaS model as it is offered as one of the core services since inception sixteen years back and regionally we are pioneers in providing DaaS Service.

Delivering from ASPGulf’s regional Data Centers, the services are deployed on highly configured redundant infrastructure sized for diverse Desktop computing requirements that vary from simple mundane office tasks requirements to compute intense imaging and data reporting requirements. Customers can customize from various versions Windows or Linux for Operating System, Microsoft and Open Source office productivity tools to suite distinct requirements.

DaaS Service


  • Different Variants: Unlike regional providers, ASPGulf offers Microsoft as well as Open Source variants of Operating systems and productivity tools to match the functional and budgetary requirements.
  • Regionally Located: With fewer hops to and from Data Center, ASPGulf’s Desktop as a Service dispels any apprehensions on latency.
  • High-end Infrastructure: DaaS platform is conceptualized and developed on one of industry’s time tested and proven technology. It is deployed on highly scalable and redundant infrastructure to give the necessary stability and smoothness one would expect from similar service.
  • Experienced Local Support: Servicing currently over 600+ Remote Desktop users, Clients can expect support from well versed and experienced support team who can relate to any reported issues for swift response and speedy resolution.
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