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Cloud computing has got a new form. It is more complex but more attractive to companies and that is Multi-Cloud. Multi-Cloud strategy means using different cloud platforms for hosting different applications.

We are a leading multi cloud provider in the UAE. We provide a comprehensive list of multi cloud managed services in the Middle East. We have partnerships with leading cloud providers in the world. Our network of cloud platforms include:

Multi-Cloud services in UAE

Microsoft Azure

Amazon AWS

Oracle Cloud

Google Cloud
Our multi cloud services allow you to select the best combination of cloud platforms. This selection is based on your assessment of each business function’s needs. Being a multi cloud service provider, we align your IT needs perfectly with different cloud platforms. We ensure a reduction in your IT infrastructure costs, thereby generating business value.

Benefits of Multi-Cloud

The aim behind using multi cloud services is to harness the benefits of each cloud used. You can choose the best services from each cloud to make up your company’s cloud architecture. The key benefits of multi cloud managed services are:


In multi cloud strategy, companies can host different application workloads on different clouds. So, you can choose cloud vendors with specific cloud features and functionalities. You are flexible to select a cloud that ensures better performance at low costs.

Customized Solutions

Multi cloud services require you to create an environment of different clouds from different vendors. This means that you can customize your solution based on your business needs. You also have the flexibility to alter the solutions to match your IT and business goals.


With multi cloud services, you have the flexibility to choose different clouds from different vendors. This allows you to select the vendor that offers good features and capabilities at a lesser price. Thus, you can reduce your costs of hosting and operating different application workloads.

Eliminating Vendor Lock in

With a single cloud from one vendor, you are stuck with its strategy and capabilities. This does not happen in the case of multi cloud strategy. In this, you can choose the best services from each vendor. Each workload of your IT environment will have separate cloud services. This way you avoid vendor lock-in.

Optimized performance

For each workload of your IT environment, you can select the cloud from your preferred cloud vendor. There is also a frequent update in features and functionalities. This update improves your application’s performance. So, you can optimize each of your function’s performance with multi cloud services.


There are times when businesses face downtimes. This may be due to overload of tasks or application interruption or some uncertain event. With multi cloud services, you can transfer the workload from one cloud to another. Thus, all your business applications keep running because of a strong backup facility.

Less risky

With multi cloud managed services, you can store data closer to the cloud that hosts it. This way, you can keep running each of your applications on their respective cloud. This also guarantees data security. So when disaster strikes one application, all the other data is safe and secure.


Data localization laws exist in various countries. This requires data processing and storage in the same country as the collection. Multi cloud services allow you to select multi cloud vendors having availability zones and data centers closer to your business to remain compliant.

Restricting Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a big data security concern for companies, as the IT department is unaware of different solutions adopted by different business units. The multi clouds adopted from different multi cloud vendors reduce its possibility because the company adopts clouds as per the business unit’s needs.

Why Multi-Cloud with ASPGulf

ASPGulf is a leading multi cloud management vendor in the Middle East. We have more than 20 years of experience in improving the IT journey of our clients. We are the go-to IT partner for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Why Multi-Cloud Solution?

Amazon Web Services leverage the features of System Center to automatically manage unusual workloads without causing any kind of disruption to your day-to-day processes.


What do you mean by a Multi-Cloud?

It is a cloud strategy whereby several clouds from different vendors make up a company’s cloud architecture. Companies use a combination of many cloud platforms to conduct their activities. This includes either 2 or more public clouds or 2 or more private clouds.


What is a Multi-Cloud example?


What is Multi-Cloud vs hybrid cloud?

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